Saturday, December 31, 2011

Even more cold...

So, we have been having a string of interesting luck....

As you might remember, right before the Solstice and Christmas holiday's, our washing machine went feral and flooded a good part of our first floor and basement.  And while we acted fast and minimiized much of the damage, our kitchen floor does tell the tale of that day.

Now, with the new year hot on our heels, our heating is on the fritz..  We have absolutely no heating on our second floor, and no clue why.  And, being the frugal (cheap?) people that we are, there is no way that we are willing paying emergency rates for the heating company to come outto the homestead this weekend. 

So, it is a bit cold, inside and out, this weekend. 

Of course, physics, or whatnots, is on our side with the whole heat rising thing, and we are able to close off many of the rooms, and we are still able to rely on electric plug in this is not an emergency by any means...but I have taken to sleeping in many, many layers (including two pairs of socks and a hat), and I am currently huddled in my bed, under multiple covers, wishing I took some time this weekend to finally make those fingerless gloves I have been eyeing.  And being very curious by my children who seems just fine with the lower than normal temporatures (seriously, how can they attempt to wear t-shirts and shorts in this house?  I don't get it...).

So, I ask, just when is Spring coming? ;)

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  1. So sorry to hear that! But you need to make us both a pair of fingerless gloves to wear during tax season!


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