Thursday, December 8, 2011

Memories flying by....

How is it that the days fly by so quickly?  It is seems to defy principles of physics, or gravity, or common sense....I don't know....but it does.

It is nearly the holidays - Solstice is around the corner, and it will be speedily followed up by our family's holiday celebrtions.  The kids are older this year, and will be enjoying and participating in full force... 

But soon, we will blink and it will be over.

And we will have all sorts of thoughts of things we meant to do...but never quite got around to it.  People we meant to call...but we never picked up the phone.

We borrow hours with one hand and provide with the other, and try to make the cookies with the time inbetween.

But, I would just like it to slow down.

Way down.

So far down, so that my husband and I don't find that at the end of the day, our joined comment is "oh, and here we are again".  'Cause, some times, the day just passes through the hours inbetween with no help from us.

And I am not OK with that.

I want to remember everything.  Each snap shot of life, each throw back and snappy comment by the short ones of the family. 

I want all of these memory shots to be filed away for years to come, so that when that time does come, when the days are less full and we learn to breathe and relax, I can sit down and flip through those memories, and see all of the joy and venture that we created in our little world.

And so, we start by just focusing on each moment, each detail, and make sure that we are fully engaged, fully involved, and completely in our world.  Because each moment is important.

Each and every one. .

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