Friday, December 16, 2011

Craft♥Advent - a more traditional take on shortbread...

Happy Friday everyone!  We are joining in with Emily at The Nest for Craft♥Advent today :)

And...we are taking another go around with the shortbread cookies....  The last ones we tried were fun, but really, REALLY crumbly....and since many broke before they were packaged up, more needed the be made.

So, today, we are going for a more traditional, solid shortbread cookie.  And once again, ingreadients are simple: butter (a whole pound!!), cup of brown sugar, and nearly four cups of flour...

Once again, the handy mixer has been pulled from the sidelines and into action.

A big hunk of dough is mixed up and set out for shaping.

Dough is rolled out until about 1/2 inch think, then cut into squares (I used our circular pizza cutter), and then poked with a fork to get the dominoe-like dots....

In to the oven at 325 degrees F, for about 20 minutes

Cookies are then set on a rack to cool.

And then packaged up for the coming weekend of early gifting.

For other adventures in Craft♥Advent, check out Emily's site at The Nest!

Happy crafting everyone!!


  1. Mmm, they look very tasty :)

    One good way to reduce crumbling is to refrigerate the dough for half an hour before rolling it out - it seems to keep everything together a little more :)

  2. Was going to make your cookies this weekend- will use this amended recipe and the great tip above!! Shortbread always feels like Christmas!x


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